Wait. Tell me again how this works?

You tell us when to drop off your empty bins, or use your own. Once they’re packed and you’ve finished your itemized list of the contents, just tell us when to pick them up. We take your boxes to our secured storage warehouse, keep them safe and when you’re ready, deliver them right back to you.

Give me details about the bins.

The bins are 25.2 x 15.5 x 11 inches and made of a durable plastic. They have a fold-over lid, are interlockable and can be easily labeled. Each bins holds 2.3 cubic feet of anything you’d like.

You’re also welcome to use your own bins, provided they don’t exceed 26 x 16 x 12 inches.

What if my bin is really heavy?

That’s okay. We’ll take it as long as it’s less than 50 pounds.

Do you take oversized items?

No, at this time we only store things that fit in either your bin or ours.

Where is this facility?

Bins are stored in Downtown Pittsburgh, on South 4th Street, in a temperature controlled and guarded facility.

What happens if I forget what’s in my bin?

You won’t, because with each bin, you also write an itemized list of its contents. As you pack, write what’s in the bin; keep a copy for yourself, give a copy to us and what’s inside the bin will never be an unwelcome mystery.

(Don’t want to do it all on your own?)

What can’t I put in the bin?

We’re unable to store perishable items, any hazardous materials (including explosives) nor any illegal substances.

When you deliver your bins, how long do we have to pack them until you come back?

We usually ask that you have them for up to a week before we come back to get them. This gives you time to pack them up for us. If you have your items ready to go, and are loose, it’s okay with us to wait 15-30 minutes for you to pack your bins. And remember, you can always ask for your own bins to be picked up.

What happens if something happens?

We insure all of our bins and store all items in a temperature controlled, guarded and safe facility to ensure that nothing happens. Additionally, all of our team members are background checked, insured and bonded. No worries, we’ve got it covered.